Save on energy costs without investing


We propose a discounted solar tariff from the grid tariff, to make sure every unit of solar energy makes you save money .


We include design, finance, procurement, construction, licensing, operation and maintenance in our scope of works.

You don’t have to worry about anything.


Installing solar PV will help you reduce the carbon footprint of your operations, and enhance your environemental and CSR strategy.

GreenYellow's solar private PPA process can be separated in 6 parts:


Consumption analysis, and expertise in Solar PV plant yield assessment


We always propose to the customer the solution that maximizes the savings


Thanks to our volume of orders, we can procure the highest efficient equipment at the cheapest price

Construction & Licensing

We manage the construction and the licensing processes in parallel, to offer the fastest project implementation

Operation & Maintenance

We provide the complete scope: cleaning, preventive, and curative maintenance is included


Our monitoring room in Bangkok enables us to remotely monitor the performance of our PV plants, and conduct preliminary diagnoses

More than 200 plants and 230 MWp installed - Leed certifications.