Produce your own energy


We use rooftop and car park shading structure to produce solar energy.

Thanks to high solar irradiance and our wide expertise, we can guarantee solar energy that is cheaper than the electricity from the grid.

With predictable costs

We reduce your company's exposure to the volatility of conventional energy prices.

We increase your energy independence.


We improve the environmental profile of your company.

We support your environmental communication plans. We contribute to obtaining environmental certifications.

GreenYellow solar solutions consist in leading the full project process of the solar plant and operating the project on behalf of the infrastructure owner


Energy yield assessment, consumption analysis, cost analysis, structural analysis


Fit the best solar solution with the available surface area of the infrastructure and electrical architecture


Choose and purchase the more suitable first tier equipment (Solar panels & inverters, mounting structures)

Construction & Installation

Manage the installation of the solar equipment on-site and provide a high value commissioning

Operation & Maintenance

Manage the whole project’s life and provide an upgraded maintenance service and spare-part replacement


Monitor the project performance via local and remote monitoring systems

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More than 120 plants and 170 MWp installed - Leed certifications.