Since 2007, Green Yellow has applied its expertise on every component of the electrical bill

Guaranteed savings on energy consumption, through the Energy Efficiency Department

More than 1,000 projects, with 40% implemented outside of France

500 GWh of guaranteed savings secured

630 sites ISO 50001-certified


View and track your consumption data in real time.

Access the data of all your sites from anywhere.

Decentralized energy generation

111 MWpeak solar plants in operation, 52 MWpeak solar plants under construction.

More than 600,000 m2 of rooftop and car port exploited

More than 120 solar plants totally built

Photovoltaic solar plant in Samut Prakan, Thailand

Green yellow Madagascar project

Rooftop solar plant at Unique Plastic Industry in Samut Prakan, Thailand

A tailor made solution

Through its industrial activity, electrical consumption represent a major expense of the overall production cost. GreenYellow designed a solar plant based on the real electricity needs in order to optimize savings and avoid waist production.

A Win-win partnership

Our customer purchase a part of its electricity from GreenYellow at a lower price than the local distributor. The solar plant will be handed over at the end of the agreement at no cost.

Pursuing the energy transition

This project is in line with the Energy Efficiency Development Plan in Thailand to reduce the energy intensity by 25% within 2030.

Key figures

  • 1 MWpeak capacity
  • 1.4 GWh produce per year
  • 4 injections points
  • Auto-consumption purpose with zero-injection solution

Photovoltaic solar plant of Ambatolampy, Madagascar

Green yellow Madagascar project

Malagasy President Mr Rajaonarimampianina and GreenYellow CEO Mr Hajji at the inauguration of the Ambatolampy solar plant

An answer to the market demand

Strategically located to supply the fast-growing economy and industry of the Vakinankaratra region, the plant will supply around 50,000 households.

A real partnership

This project relies on a productive partnership between Green Yellow and Malagasy companies, from studies and conception, to implementation and operation.

Pursuing the energy transition

GreenYellow’s project is in line with the country’s objectives set by the COP 21 to reduce greenhouse gases emissions. Furthermore, Madagascar’s ever-increasing need in energy calls for a diversification of the sources. This photovoltaic solar power plant, easily installed, will provide green, reliable and competitive energy to address those two challenges.

Key figures

  • 20 MWpeak capacity
  • 28 ha surface area
  • 73,728 PV panels

Photovoltaic solar plant in the Almadies, Dakar

Green yellow Dakar project

Rooftop solar plant at the Almadies shopping mall in Dakar

A Pioneer project

The DAMAG company chose GreenYellow for its first innovative integrated solution energy management project. The Almadies shopping mall benefits from an unprecedented solution in Senegal: An Energy Performance Contract (EPC) including the installation of a photovoltaic solar farm.
Thanks to its virtuous business model founded on the generated savings, GreenYellow qualified for AFD’s green funding program SUNREF.

40% energy savings

Retrofitted with the best technologies for active systems (lighting, cold production, HVAC and photovoltaic solar production), the mall will save up to 40% of its energy consumption. Green Yellow guarantees those savings thanks to the Smart Building Monitoring system (remote control and daily monitoring of the equipment)

The largest rooftop solar plant in Dakar

15% of the site electrical consumption will be provided by the 122 kWpeak rooftop solar plant, which covers 700 m2.

Key figures

  • 122 kWpeak capacity
  • 200 MWh yearly production
  • 700 m² surface area
  • 420 PV panels