Get energy savings

Without investment

Your company should not invest, we assume 100% of the project costs (CAPEX and OPEX).

The savings achieved are shared during the energy efficiency agreement.


Your savings are contractually guaranteed.

Throughout the energy efficiency program, we report the actual savings and compare it to the forecasted savings, for immediate corrective actions if necessary.


Once the energy efficiency agreement ends, the property of the equipment and solutions is transferred to your company.

We train your employees to correctly apply energy efficiency solutions, ensuring the sustainability of the savings.

GreenYellow energy efficiency solutions consist in implementing new highly efficient equipment and improving the existing one, via in-depth studies, tailor-made solutions, high value procurement, commissioning and monitoring all along the contract duration.

green yellow chiller


Optimization of air conditioning systems, chillers, water pumps, cooling towers,air handling units,...


Glass-doors installation, optimization of defrosting, floating low and high pressures, fans replacement, replacement of condenser technology,...

green yellow refrigerator
green yellow lighting system


All lighting system improvement
with low consumption LED,
new and optimized layout, sensor control,...

Other processes

such as air compressors,
motors, harmonic filters, motion sensors,...

green yellow compressor
GreenYellow Building Management System

Building Management System

Implementation of an automatic system managing the whole energy system.

Our Process:

Walkthrough audit

1 to 5 days

We analyze your processes and identify potential energy savings.


2 to 8 weeks

We design a customized efficiency program that respects your operating conditions.


2 to 6 months

We implement the solutions.


5 to 8 years

We monitor the savings and apply preventive and corrective measures.

Start a project with us

More than 1,000 energy efficiency projects worldwide with 25% average savings and 500 GWh of saving guaranteed.